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A complete Guide to Car Detailing

At Professional Touch Car Detailing Hobart, we are asked a lot of questions.  However, there is one question that gets asked the most: “Is there a difference between car detailing and car washing?”

We recognise that for many non-car enthusiasts, the difference may not be very noticable  However, all Hobart car owners, whether an enthusiast or not, ought to look at giving their car a full detail every now and then, and should also complete smaller car details regularly to have their vehicle looking the best it can.

So, to assist our clients in understanding the many benefits of car detailing, we’re going to summarise what you can expect when you choose to have your car detailed.  Trust us when we say you’ll never go back to normal washing!

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What’s the Difference between car detailing and car washing?

Basically, it’s giving the vehicle a top to bottom thorough cleanup. Your vehicle is cleaned with all technical products and professional tools. Ordinarily, a detailer may even execute some light decorative touch-ups, however the process doesn’t consist of paintwork or body repairs.

Car detailing Hobart involves cleaning the inside and exterior of the automobile.  The purpose is to re-establish the paint work through the elimination of scratches or swirl marks; to really make the vehicle look nearly new as though it did when you initially drove it out from the manufacturers shop.

What’s auto detailing

A basic vehicle wash eliminates dirt on the surface of one’s vehicle. Of course a basic detail will include you vacuuming the interior. However, car-detailing takes this procedure substantially farther.  Every single our professional car washers do, includes every previous imperfection buffed, polished, or touched up, rendering it fit to display in virtually any show room.

As there are no set instructions, you are going to realise a wonderful variety concerning the services comprised in an entire detail.  At Professional Touch, our total detail package is made up of an exterior cleanse using clay treatment and luxury wax, a higher level interior cleaning together with leather treatment. We will even dress all the plastics.

What’s the Difference between car detailing and car washing?

Since you now understand the difference between car detailing and car washing, we’re going to quickly summarise the differences between a vehicle wash and auto detailing.

Apart from cost, which ranges from $10 to $40, a normal car wash in Hobart just covers a small percent of the clean up which it is possible to receive from the detail, so only accomplishes a small percent of this outcome.

Car detailing versus automobile wash

What exactly does one car-wash comprise?

Most car washes choose between fifteen and twenty minutes to choose from washing.  A carwash can be accomplished manually or from machines (a drive thru car wash) which run soap, bristles, and warm water to wash your car’s exterior.

An automobile wash has been a shallow cleansing while a vehicle detail is significantly more restorative and thorough.

What is the process of Auto Detailing?

A comprehensive car-detailing includes 2 comprehensive stages: inner detailing and exterior detailing.  We will break down each phase which means that you understand exactly what to expect once you obtain your automobile detail.  Don’t hesitate to consult our professionals when you have some questions regarding the method, since our guys like to share their knowledge with other folks.

Exterior Car-detailing

We start out with an in-depth exterior wash to remove as much dirt as we possibly can.  By enabling the soap, dirt and mud are softened and raised off the top.

Next, with special tools, brushes, cleansing products and solutions; the car detailer in Hobart will be taking off all of the dust and filth out of the wheels; brake calipers, lug nuts, etc..  The wheels are normally the dirtiest areas of the automobile!

Following the wheels are cleaned, the paint work is dried and cleaned throughout using washing mitts and gentle micro fiber towels.  The paint work is subsequently clayed with automotive clay bar that removes the closely bonded dirt from the top layer of the vehicle, and that’s the car’s clear coat.

When demanded machine polishing is possible, this makes the paint more shiny to eliminate any light scratches, oxidation, and swirl marks. This is sometimes the most time consuming portion of this detailing agency based upon your car and their condition of its own paint work.

Eventually the paint is waxed to provide it one more protective coating utilizing high quality carnauba based glue wax.  This extra security ends in a noticeable glow also, the type that you noticed when you bought it!

The rest of the exterior parts, such as the dividers along with different rubber parts are subsequently polished and systematically washed, adding the finishing touches in most of the corners of their car’s own body and exterior trim to really make the full vehicle glow. Often these are the parts that are overlooked by other car wash companies.

Interior Car-detailing

All the upholstery within the vehicle is thoroughly cleansed and shampooed to take out dirt and stains.  In case the car has leather work, this can be conditioned and scrubbed to eliminate dirt that’s deeply ingrained.  Plastics and vinyl will be also precisely dressed and cleaned.

Finally, the inside glass can be additionally polished and cleaned.

A Significant Optional Step

Cleaning the engine bay can be a significant thing but plenty of people simply do not do it.  The cause of this is most likely that few people do not care exactly what their car seems like under the hood. So they presume just mechanics should venture there.

With the engine cleaned could make pinpointing any engine issues simpler and quicker.  Mechanics love to work on a fresh engine bay. Of course, if cleansed before purchasing, a fresh engine can make a large impression on how well-maintained a vehicle is.  Anybody who buys a second-hand vehicle will probably glance under the hood. Therefore, a detailed engine bay can simply increase the worth.

But there are steps that you may take to safeguard several components from tear and wear.  The detailer cleans the engine by gently spraying with warm water. Then wipes it with a degreaser before draining everything properly.  Once correctly dried, all of plastic and rubber components ought to be suitably dressed to protect them from breaking.  This really is an easy procedure which fundamentally functions to safeguard the vehicle from regular issues of wear rubber and silicone.

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Exactly what will be the advantages to getting the car detailed?

An entire automobile detail can bring your vehicle to its very best condition.  After that you can perform miniature details to maintain your car looking just like brand new.

Advantages of having a full auto detail

Increase Value

Maintaining your vehicle will help restore the value of one’s vehicle.  Especially old or vintage cars. You may also be interested in selling your car later on.  You just are not able to obtain exactly the exact results from a car wash.  A fantastic detailer brings your vehicle to its unique beauty and improve its resale price.

A fantastic detailer brings your vehicle to its unique beauty and improve its resale price.  Possessing an everyday exterior and inner detail may boost your car’s resale value by 10-15 percent!

Protection from the weather

Still another gain of auto detailing could be the additional protection against the weather. It possible to put a coating on the exterior. This protects the surface from pollution and oxidation (rust). Hobart is notorious for some rough weather; so it’s a good idea to protect your car.

Attention to Detail

Since detailing can be thorough procedure; Expect the detailer to go over every section of your car.  You aren’t going to receive this type of personalized service in a carwash.

How much is car detailing in Hobart?

You may think “I really don’t understand how much that will cost me’.  Well, how big one’s car or vehicle is, can be a significant element in determining car detailing costs.  Thus, a Landcruiser won’t cost just like a Prius — however, the distinction isn’t as huge as you may think.

A fundamental car-detailing package ranges from $75 to $200 to a typical sized vehicle, whereas an SUV or van has a tendency to cost between $100 and $280.  But, other services such as clay bar therapy, leather removal, along with pet hair removal, in addition to the caliber of the goods, may boost the fee.

Mobile Car Detailing

It’s a great idea to contact us as we are a detailing agency that visits your location (home or office) at a convenient time.  You wont have to visit a detailing shop. Best of all, there is no wait! A typical wait in an auto detailing agency shop takes between 1.5 hours 3 hours per day.

As an example, at Professional Touch, our detailing bundles vary between $65 to $280.  We provide many optional services which you may increase your package.

The Way to Pick an Automobile Detailing Service

Given you have resolved what you may require, and you also understand about how far it’s likely to set you back, you’ll have to do a little bit of investigating to determine the way to choose your own vehicle.  The calibre and experience of this detailer makes all of the difference.

Car-detailing services

You will even wish to study different bundles offered and if or not they supply services that your car or truck requirements.  The entire notion of car detailing relies on its own bespoke nature.  In case it will not do the job for you — your vehicle, your requirements, your own vision — it will not just work in any way.  Be picky!  That’s exactly the stage!  Thus, we’re likely to give our best-kept secrets that will assist you in finding the ideal detailer for the vehicle.

Services Offered

Begin by simply trying to find a detailer that offers exactly the sort of services you are searching for.  If you should be searching to eliminate that pet hair on your vehicle however, the business does not provide pet hair removal then you aren’t going to receive the most useful outcomes.


Automobile details can grow to be rather expensive quite fast as a result of their usage of high-quality cleaning services and products, and you also are going to require to find some body that delivers the very best bargain.  Remember though a comprehensive detail would be well worth the short term investment, due to the long term value it supplies!


Nowadays it’s not possible to never search for reviews prior to making the decision, and it’s almost always a fantastic idea to hunt on Yelp or even Google to find what other clients have had to say about their experiences.

At Professional touch we enjoy our client care and we all work hard to keep up our five star evaluation on Yelp, as well as all other places our customer review us.  There’ll be occasions when things do not go directly however also our responsiveness in fixing any mistakes extends a very long way to demonstrating that our commitment to the maximum caliber support.


We know that modern lifestyle might be unbelievably busy. Taking your vehicle to some washer is something which many individuals just do not have enough time to really do.  If that’s you, then you ought to continue to keep a look out for mobile detailing services.  All these detailers should visit your local area in Hobart. Whether, at home or on the job and offer exactly the exact supreme quality service you’d expect going to a physical store.


While we’ve just scraped the surface of detailing, the area of auto detailing is very exciting and thoroughly comprehensive. Now you know the difference between car detailing and car washing. There are a lot of forums at which you could discover knowledgable guides for each one the different pieces of the detailing process. You’ll be able to ask other automobile lovers about car-detailing.

If you’ve got any questions regarding auto detailing Hobart, then please write these in the comments section and we’ll aid you.

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