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Maintaining a car’s paintwork to remain in immaculate condition is a time consuming and challenging task. It frequently falls victim to swirls from inadequate washing methods, scratches from plants, corroding from bird droppings and even marks caused by acid rain or industrial fallout. Eliminating these defects by hand can be especially labour intensive. Some of these issues cannot be removed without the intervention of a Machine Polish. Professional Touch Car Detailing Hobart have you covered for all your Machine Polishing needs.

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Machine Polishing has become more attractive for car care enthusiasts. With improvements in technology and materials, the process is more straightforward for the novice to achieve fabulous results. However, people may lack the confidence or time to take on the task of Machine Polishing. Not knowing the techniques can leave more damage to the surface of the car than what it had beforehand!

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Cosmetic Paint Defects:

Paint defects have many elements, and they all possess the potential to influence various layers in the overall paint coating. Here’s a glimpse at the different types of regularly seen paintwork imperfections.

  • Spot Marks From Water – Emerging from the contaminants found in tap water.

  • Holograms – Also recognised as buffer traces, inadequate machine polishing methods create them. They resemble blurred circular shadows resulting in a dull and dirty look.

  • Swirls Marks – Also identified as scrubbing swirls as most of this kind of imperfection occurs as an outcome of careless washing and drying procedures. They are light ‘spider web’ marks in the transparent layer of paint. Major cases are usually a consequence of the hard brushes used in some older car wash in Hobart.
  • Etching – Etching can be visible as traces left on the surface of the paint but may have passed through to the base layer below. These usually happen as a consequence of bird droppings. Bird droppings carry Uric Acid, a substance that is corrosive enough to immediately chew into a layer of wax or paint sealant and start to etch into the clear coat of paint. If neglected, it could stain the base coat beneath requiring a repaint of the panel.
  • Light / Fine Scratches – Fine scratches are longer than swirls; they resemble a noticeable but light trail on the exterior of the clear layer.
More Serious Paint surface problems
  • Deeper Scratches – Deeper Scratches are caused by sand and dirt moved along the paint. The severity of these scratches differs considerably; some can be Machine polish out easily. In the most severe circumstances, some deep scratches will have passed through the clear layer right down to the primer or even to the metal panel.
  • Stone Chips– While driving your vehicle, tiny random stones come up from the road and hit the paint surface at speed. This creates chips that usually remove clear coat layer and occasionally primer too. Depending on how deep the chip is, a machine polish may assist in reducing the look, but the crater left behind usually require a brush touch.
  • Oxidisation – Oxidisation happens the sun fades the paint. This results in the colour to display a milky or cloudy look. A black car can fade to grey, and reds fade to a pinkish look. White paint can often oxidise with age, giving a chalky white look.
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